They lie all the time.

One of the more compelling arguments the religious are wont to use for worshiping their god is their claim that what they believe in is the Truth. And in their mind the capital letter is fully justified.

Yet religion – every religion – is so riddled with lies akin to a maggot-infested piece of rotten meat that in any environment outside of a theological setting such a claim would be dismissed outright.

So why do so many people clutch at their religion as if their life depended on it? Their soul, even?


Fear that has been inculcated since time immemorial. Fear that is instilled in the young at their mother’s knee, confirmed at kindergarten, cemented in Church, Mosque, Synagogue etc, and reinforced by society.

As a rule, people object to being told what to do. To bypass this objection, these would-be controllers have introduced a supernatural element that can only be explained by claiming its power is beyond human ken, but the answer is found amid the pages of Scripture that only the truly enlightened will ever understand. Ironically,this pretty much writes off all of humanity if history is any judge.

It’s all about control. Someone, somewhere who wants to exercise control over another individual.

But this form of control is nothing more than bullying coupled with the rejoinder, ‘If you don’t do as we tell you as commanded by the god we believe in then when you eventually die you will spend eternity in Hell.’


This is the dire warning taught to children. And there are some who vehemently object when the term Child Abuse is applied to religion!

But all said and done it really is about control and the most difficult form of control to master, is self-control.

The Ark.